About us

Giottiline was born in late 2004 on the initiative of the Giotti family. With its innovative vehicles it is placed immediately at the top of the TOP market category. These first years, the company supports its production of recreational vehicles but the advance arrives to 2012 when it designs a new motorhome with innovative features: GLINE

In May 2014 P.L.A. acquires Giottiline and, at the moment, both are part of the French group Rapido, one of the best known European manufacturers in the world of motorhomes.

Its founder, Pierre Rousseau defines the brand as:

A few years ago I was lucky enough to meet Pier Luigi Alinari at a propitious time for both; he wanted to give up and take a step back, we wanted to open up new spaces. We decided to work together and after only two years the passion of the product, the dedication to quality, the teamwork has allowed us to completely revise our product offering, more current, more dynamic, far more satisfying with Giottiline. The quality and history of Rapido merged with the creativity and style of the Italian team, indeed Tuscany…and now it is in the hands of our team of passionate technicians. This is the main push for our european brand… Giottiline.

Here you can download the catalogs of the Giottiline brand: